We offer our customers a wide range of services.

We are striving to build stable business relationships with our customers based on deep insight into their needs for improving their technology and the economic efficiency of their manufacturing processes.
As a customer-focused company, NWC CARBON RUS offers its clients various auxiliary services and products in addition to high quality activated carbons.

• At the request of our customers, we unload and/or reload pressure and free-flow filtration and cleaning systems.

• Based on any special requirements related to the customer’s processes, we can fraction and screen fine activated carbon particles (e.g. in recuperation systems).

• We provide full-scale analysis based on the customer’s quality indicators for activated carbon and other sorption materials.

These assays may involve express methods and testing in a certified laboratory.

• Our specialists have vast practical experience and high qualifications, which help them to conduct technical inspections of the customer’s sites, including a full range of necessary analytical surveys and process optimisation recommendations.

• If process requirements at the customer’s site provide for the use of pre-treated activated carbon, we perform additional treatment (e.g. impregnating or acid washing) before delivery.

• We are willing to help our customers to comply with any environmental rules and standards and are prepared to handle the removal and disposal of spent activated carbon and sorption materials in accordance with environmental laws.