Quality Management

NWC CARBON RUS strives for quality in everything we do; this is our most cherished value. 

Our main quality indicator is how well we satisfy the individual demands of each customer; we endeavour to exceed their expectations with our products and services.

We maintain high quality by continuously improving our business processes, products, and services. We are constantly working to improve each process in terms of planning, manufacturing, and servicing. We ensure that all our our employees, from mangers to production personnel, are involved in the quality management process. Every member of the team understands his/her goals and objectives, feels that his/her contribution is significant, and is satisfied with his/her work. Personnel development and ongoing professional improvement is one of the essential elements of our quality management system.


Our company will never do business in an unscrupulous or opportunistic way or allow short term profit to compromise our commitment to continually improving our standards of quality.

Our customers can be confident that we will always meet delivery or work deadlines and ensure the highest product quality and workmanship, as well as proper shelf-life..


All companies manufacturing our activated carbons in accordance with ISO 9000 have an integrated quality management system in place which certifies that we are an honest and reliable supplier.  The manufacturing process is monitored by highly skilled employees of NWC CARBON RUS.

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Our products undergo quality control at the post-production stages.

We stringently observe the requirements for activated carbon packaging, using speciality sacks and large bags that prevent potential damage to the product, and the requirements for loading/unloading operations, storage, and transportation of goods.

Products delivered to the NWC CARBON RUS warehouse are subjected to additional sampling and quality verification of each activated carbon batch at the analytical laboratory of the Sorbents Department of the Technological University (St. Petersburg, Russia) to ensure that they meet ASTM and GOST requirements.

Product control certificates are based on the results of the intake quality control process. We also work with leading research institutes all over Russia.

All activated carbon delivered by our company have all of the certificates of compliance and state registration certificates required by law.