About us

In 2010, the management of NWC CARBON RUS resolved to implement a unique project that was unrivalled in Russia.

Our research demonstrated that industrial and municipal consumers showed huge interest in advanced sorption materials that would help them to comply with stringent environmental requirements while simultaneously improving product quality.

Based on the experience of global manufacturers of activated carbon, we set the goal of developing our own range of activated carbon products and offering them to industrial companies. These carbon are adapted to the local requirements and feature the highest quality at the best price.

Pelletized Carbon

Granular Carbon
NWC ® 

The Powder Carbon

We selected this business after a thorough analysis of a growth potential and the prospects for upgrading various industrial sites. These companies cover a broad range of industries. They implement and use water preparation, water treatment, air treatment, gas and oil product treatment, gold mining, clarification, and recuperation technologies.

Our people have put a lot of work to help our company achieve its current status. Currently, the demand for the activated carbon under our NWC®, NWM®, NWN®, brands among Russian and CIS companies is growing and they are successfully competing with similar products produced by the recognised leaders of the activated carbon market.

Nowadays, our company is the largest supplier of activated carbon based on coconut shell in Russia and the number one supplier of activated carbon for companies using water preparation and water treatment facilities at their sites.

NWC CARBON RUS bases its business on innovation and ongoing growth of operations, which makes us confident that our leadership in activated carbon supplies for industrial companies will soon expand to cover other applications in the near future.

Our short-term plans include the construction of cutting-edge industrial facilities in Russia to produce activated carbon with high sorption properties.

The availability of resources and growing demand for advanced sorption materials on the domestic and European markets create a favourable environment for setting up production in Russia.